Motivation failure in personal branding – what to do?

18 April 2019

Every career transition involves a personal branding development opportunity. Typically, when you’re just starting the process, regardless of what made you decide to invest in your personal brand, you’ll most likely be quite motivated to differentiate yourself. You will have a clear strategy and probably you’ve already worked hard with a coach or a personal branding strategist to outline an action plan as well. But what happens if at one point, you notice that you can’t sustain your efforts as you used to, your motivation goes down and you find yourself struggling between ”I must do it” and ‘I don’t feel like doing anything’, and you end up procrastinating?

As a personal branding strategist, I had a few situations when my customers’ motivation was decreasing despite all the effort they initially put into the development of their personal brand. Based on my practical experience, I have good news to share – it’s not irreversible and you can do something about it when this happens! Here are a few reasons why this happens and some tips on how you can turn things around quickly; hopefully you’ll find them useful for your own professional journey:

You own your journey, whichever this might be; you decide your pace, you are the engine! However, credibility is key and your personal brand needs it regardless of how much fine tunning you need to do to build your strategy. Way too often changes in direction end up being confusing and have a negative impact on people’s networks and communities. Lack of consistency and credibility can harm your brand, so don’t forget to manage the communication process carefully – you might discover that if your network undertands where you are going, they will come with you and what an exciting journey that is, when this happens!

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