8 Frequent Pitfalls of Personal Branding

4 April 2018

During a recent interview, I have been asked: “What are the most frequent mistakes professionals who don’t use specialists in personal branding make?”

Here are 8 mistakes I found in my experience

  1. Do not send through a false image. Be yourself and communicate based on the values you believe in. If you know yourself and what you are capable of, you can use this as a solid foundation for building your personal brand. Also decide on what the mission of your brand is. A little introspection cannot do any harm.
  2. Think before you act. Do not over-share information of opinions unrelated to your brand, even if you really feel like posting something quirky from your latest holiday. Communicate following a plan and pay attention to content.
  3. Focus on quality, not quantity. Be sure to aim you resources at building something worthy and take care not to overwork yourself. There will always come a time when you will not be able to keep up with frequent communication and your target audience will not look kindly on this absence.
  4. Select who to be famous for and focus communication on your area of interest.
  5. Communicating your personal brand is not something to be done exclusively online. Do not underestimate the value of face to face interactions, networking and building long term relationships. Build you brand both in the real and the online words.
  6. Do not go into battle alone – take valuable resources along, if possible. It is better to go along with a specialist, then to stumble on your own along the way, with nobody to understand what you are saying.
  7. Personal Branding is about giving. What values do you bring to the table, what makes you unique and why should people choose you?
  8. Measure your goals and achievement. It helps take you to the next level.

You can learn more about personal branding, steps in personal branding, the communication cycle and much more during a personalized session. Don’t be afraid to shine!


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