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I want a personal brand

In 2013, I came to the realization that the training I was offering to senior managers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and corporate professionals in regards to public speaking or career transitions relates to a larger professional requirement. Professionals need to make their expertise, values and passions known in order to stand out in their respective fields.

My intuition in 2013 was that learning to speak efficiently in public and using social media instruments effectively is not enough in order to build an authentic personal brand. The basis of true personal branding is a mix of a coherent strategy, introspection, best usage of opportune communication channels and strategic networking. These must be pursued with continuous personal commitment.

In order to be able to best support the professionals I was working with, I attended courses and workshops with the best personal branding experts in the world, trying to find top strategies, for my clients and polishing my own approach. Besides acquiring knowledge and expertise, I have also drawn on my personal experience transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Today, the challenges that I encountered when building my authentic personal brand serve as good teachers.

In 2015, I have expanded my expertise by getting certified as a Personal Branding Strategist with Reach Communication and William Arruda in the US, thus becoming the first Romanian to be recognized by a personal branding forum.

As of 2015, I constantly rejoice in discovering how theory and practice beautifully come together in building efficient and authentic personal brands. I help managers and leaders from diverse organizations to accelerate their evolution on the corporate ladder by strengthening their personal brand. I also advise corporate managers’ transition to entrepreneurship; I advise solopreneurs and entrepreneurs on how to grow their business and client basis by developing a strong personal brand. Not lastly, I lend my expertise to teams seeking better performance, by strengthening their team brand.

Starting 2018 I have extended my services by founding BrandingYOU – one of the first personal branding agencies in Eastern Europe. Our team encompasses personal branding strategists, digital experts in marketing/social media, strategic networking specialists – and coaches in public speaking, elocution, career development and web-designers. Our team can thus respond to any branding challenges, helping business and individuals increase their visibility.

If you do not simply want a job, but a career, a long standing construction which fosters your values, principles and believes; if you do not want to simply be a celebrity, but understand that success is the result of a continuous and conscious effort in personal branding; if you are determined to not just be one of the many; if for you success is an additional welcome outcome and not a goal in itself; if as a leader you are preoccupied with the idea of leaving a legacy – this is the right place for you!
Let’s discover together the diamond in the rough within you, let’s polish it and show its full shine to the world!



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