Why am I excited to attend Career Thought Leaders in San Diego as a speaker?

5 March 2019

In just a few weeks, between 25-27 March, I’ll attend the Career Thought Leaders conference and symposium in San Diego, California. I am extremely excited to attend this event for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ll be one of the speakers at the conference, speaking on the same stage as William Arruda, the number one personal branding expert, whom I learned from when getting certified as personal branding strategist back in 2015. Equally exciting is the fact that I’ll have the chance to meet again dear professionals whom I’ve met as part of other events – these are experts in coaching, personal branding or consultancy, who will share the newest trends and directions in their fields of expertise. I can’t wait to hear from them and I’ll make sure I’ll tell you all about it! Just one of the many examples, one of the key notes speakers will be Paul Osincup, who will talk about “Positivity in the Workplace (And a Jolt of Fun!)”, Paul being already renowned for his humorous approach to presenting his ideas about work.

This year, the conference revolves around the idea of career rejuvenation through Storytelling, Positivity & Actionable Strategies. Throughout the three-days event, along with my fellow presenters and speakers, we’ll try to equip the participants with clear steps, techniques and approaches to transform their careers and professional journeys. In 2019, the event will take place in an extraordinary location – one of the very few private beaches in San Diego, at the Kona Kai Resort, Shelter Island. Oh, and this is yet another reason why I am excited to join the event! 😊


Speak to Inspire: Express Your Personal Brand Through Advanced Public Speaking & Strategic Networking

What will I talk about at the Career Thought Leaders conference? I’ll talk about the intersection of the two abilities that have proven effective in accelerating a career in almost any industry: public speaking and personal branding, supported by strategic networking.

In my activity as a personal branding strategist so far, I’ve met many examples of personal branding analysis and one thing became apparent – it doesn’t matter if we talk about a senior leader in an organisation, who hasn’t got visibility outside of the organisation or about an esteemed entrepreneur who’s almost unknown in his/her field or maybe about young professionals who want to reinvent themselves or about mothers who are just returning from maternity, the element that can make a big difference in accelerating their career is the development of a strong, authentic brand.

What is personal branding and what are the benefits of investing in it? How can one discover the values, principles, passions that a personal brand should be built on? How can you build your own personal branding strategy in order to achieve your professional goals? All these are questions that I will try to respond as part of my presentation at the Career Thought Leaders conference in San Diego this March.

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