You Can Shine Within Your Organization As Well by Cultivating Your Personal Brand

10 April 2018

More often than not when interacting with my clients they come with questions and requirements similar to the ones below. Do any of them ring a bell?

Relying on an experience of over 16 years in the corporate environment, during which I have built team from the ground up and constantly climbed the corporate ladder, I perfectly understand the needs expressed above. During my transition from corporate leadership to entrepreneurship I have constantly worked on successfully defining and promoting my personal brand as an entrepreneur. I am no stranger to the difficulties of such a transition. This is what drove me to implement for the first time in Romania a training programme called “Personal Brand Management within the organization”. This programme encompasses over the course of two days of intense training both the core elements in construction your personal brand within you organization, as well as career development coaching, strategic networking and a public speaking module.

The programme is best suited for:

You will learn:

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CEO Executive Branding

Leadership Branding


Online reputation management


Solopreneurs/ Entrepreneurs Branding

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